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The pathological condition is one of the polyetiological diseases. Nutrient deficiencies can occur for a variety of reasons. General deficiency factors are considered to buy sulfasalazine online of trace elements and their destruction during heat treatment. In addition, beriberi and hypovitaminosis may occur due to a restrictive diet or the predominant consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates. Other causes of nutrient deficiencies are.

Azulfidine pills - a pathological condition develops in patients due to limited protein intake. Lack of vitamin B1 - hypovitaminosis occurs with severe stress, alcoholism, diabetes. Lack of riboflavin (B2) - a pathological condition is often caused by taking anti-tuberculosis drugs. Hypovitaminosis of vitamin A - deficiency of nutrients occurs due to malnutrition, infectious diseases. Deficiency of cyanocobalamin (B12) - a pathological condition develops due to insufficient consumption of animal products.

Favorable dietary changes that have taken place in recent decades have had the unexpected effect of widespread nutritional deficiencies among the population. This fact is explained by the fact that products undergo deep processing, as a result of which they lose a certain proportion of useful substances. Depending on the deficiency of which nutrient has developed, the following forms of hypovitaminosis are distinguished. Symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

The clinic of insufficiency of this or that nutrient is peculiar. Meanwhile, there are symptoms common to all forms of sulfasalazine pills. fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, poor appetite. These manifestations of the pathological condition acquire a pronounced character with a significant lack of a certain nutrient. In most cases, polyhypovitaminosis of several vitamins develops.

For any suspicion of a nutrient deficiency, a consultation with a gastroenterologist is prescribed. During the initial visit, the doctor conducts an examination, analyzes the patient's complaints, clarifies the anamnesis of life. Based on the information received, the specialist makes a preliminary diagnosis. In the presence of a modern laboratory, a special study is possible, which makes it possible to identify which vitamin deficiency has developed. In addition, they are included in the plan of diagnostic measures to identify nutrient deficiencies.

In cases of severe nutrient deficiencies, replacement therapy using medications is prescribed. There is a large selection of such products on the pharmaceutical market. Experts recommend taking multivitamin complexes. In order to avoid the occurrence of nutritional deficiencies, it is appropriate for the elderly and persons in the period of convalescence (recovery) after suffering infectious and inflammatory diseases to take azulfidine 2 tablets three times a day for a month.